Lemongrass/Cymbopogon citratus or common lemongrass is a variety of grass with fibrous stalk-like leaves and a tender semi-bulb that grows just above the earth. Lemongrass is prized for it's bright citrus flavor and aroma contained in its essential oils, as well as the medicinal properties thereof. Many health-centric specialty grocery store will carry whole fresh lemongrass or the bulbs in a clamshell plastic container in the herb section. Almost all Asian grocery stores carry lemongrass but often only seasonally.

Sauté verb fry quickly in a small amount of hot fat. Sauté means jump or leap in French. This is the origin of the term in culinary usage as it denotes a motion intended to cause all of a pan's contents to move at once. Also known as, working the pan as a means to toss or flip food out of a pan and immediately back in. Considered by Chef Michael to be the best way to cook with consistency as a spoon or spatula can only affect what it can touch. The action of sautéing affects all ingredients equally in unison. 

Textured Vegetable Protein or TVP is a defatted soy flour product and a by-product of extracting soy bean oil (vegetable oil). It is commonly used as an animal-based protein substitute and extender. There are 51.5g of protein in every 100g of dried TVP compared to only 31g of protein in every 100g of chicken breast. In its most common form, TVP must be reconstituted with water or broth before use as an ingredient in cooking applications. Total moisture retention is relative to cooking method.

Togarashi (toh-guh-RAH-schee) is the Japanese word for red chili peppers and a general name for a group of condiments that blend chili pepper with other ingredients. Shichimi-Togarashi: (schee-CHEE-mee) A peppery Japanese condiment. The exact spices used vary slightly by maker but usually include powdered/flaked red chili pepper, black pepper, sesame seeds, dried mandarin orange peel, green nori seaweed flakes, prickly ash pods, hemp seeds and poppy seeds. Shichimi-togarashi is available in most Asian markets, Amazon and some specialty food stores. Nanami-Togarashi: (NA-na-mee) Similar to shichimi-togarashi, but with a slightly different blend featuring a higher citrus peel to pepper ratio.