Chef Michael Solovey

Chef Michael Solovey started cooking at a young age under the tutelage of his Mother, a refined, self-taught culinarian. He would later graduate magna cum laude from Le Cordon Bleu at Scottsdale Culinary Institute before moving to Shanghai, China in 2008. Over the course of five years working in the food and beverage industry in Asia, Chef Michael played various roles in opening 24 food and beverage establishments including his very own Eastern European inspired restaurant, Bloc.

In the past seven years, Michael has served as Resident Chef for Sur La Table and Chef/Cooking School Director for The Boelter Companies in Glendale, Wisconsin. He has taught over 1,700 classes to over 10,000 students. His pedagogy implements approachable science to help his students understand why different cooking techniques render a variety of results in the kitchen; all for the sake of developing students' culinary instinct. Although Chef Michael personally writes and curates all of the recipes used in his classes, his approach is decidedly anti-recipe as his aim is to empower everyone from the novice foodie to the seasoned industry professional to take confident control of their diet, health, and wellness by cooking amazing food.