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I've been taking classes with Michael for seven years. He teaches skills and techniques beyond just a recipe that I now use in my everyday cooking. Michael has helped me make fancy dishes easy, and my whole family has appreciated everything he's taught me!


I'm impressed with the little tidbits presented along the way such as cleaning, cutting techniques, spice selection. All the things that veteran chefs have well-ingrained in their repertoire but that can make a big difference to a beginner!

Student from Food as Medicine Series

Michael creates fun, informative, engaging classes that are accessible to any group. His lessons include chemistry, skills and techniques, and pro chef tips, infused with humor and warmth. He is able to modify for beginners and add complexity for those seeking to take their skills to the next level.  


Class Categories

Culinary Passport

Travel the world and explore different cultures one dish at a time. This series of classes has been carefully curated from authentic sources from around the globe with focus on approachability and realistic ingredient sourcing.

Cooking Without Recipes

Learn how to shed the shackles that keep you from mastering your favorite dishes. Food is always speaking to us. Let us teach you how to speak food's language and navigate your kitchen like a boss.

Knife Skills and Other Essentials

In this series of classes, we will teach you how to become better, more efficient, faster, and more confident with your knife skills and other important culinary techniques.

Food as Medicine

When you're eating with a purpose and have established a goal - whether that goal be losing weight, gaining weight, recovering from an illness, or any another objective - having the right resources makes all the difference in the world. Dive into the nutritional sciences end of the food pool and it just might change, if not save, your life.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Whether you are trying to replace animal-based ingredients or avoid dishes that feature them all together, we have the best solutions that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Plant-based power dishes are a passion of ours and we look forward to sharing our secrets with you.


Baking, Pastry, and Confectionery. Although all food can be viewed through the lens of science, baking is geared a bit more towards chemistry. Without making things too technical, we have ways of showing everyone from the novice baker to the seasoned pro how to make their creations sing a song so sweet, they'd swear that it was sinful.

The path to wellness never tasted so good

Whether you're counting calories or avoiding specific ingredients, Sage Harvest shows you how to cook mindfully without compromising flavor, texture, or appearance

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